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area calculator appArea Calculator App- Digital area calculator


Area calculations were considered to be hectic work earlier because there was not some specific application and method for its calculation. It was considered that it’s a professional job but infect its to easy for mathematics students. But now its new generation, these things became to easy, you can calculate the area of any field anywhere and anytime easily and effectively using Area Calculator App.

.Area Calculator App

It is an Android app that you can use for the area calculation of land using internet service.  Simply go to your play store search for an app just install it first.

Area Calculator App


  • Internet connection
  • Android 4.0.3 or up
  • GPS enabled
  • KML file creation.
  • Can be used to measure perimeter.
  • Can measure any kind of area.


Features of Area Calculator App:

The main features of the calculator are as given below:

  • High Accuracy
  • Multiple measurements
  • User-friendly
  • Data storeage
  • Deletion, edition and recording of data
  • GPS dependent
  • Multiple units.

Download Link:

You can download this app from the below link:


Steps to use the Area Calculator App- Digital area calculator:

Always follow the following steps while using this app.

  • Turn on the data and GPS
  • open Area Calculator App.
  • select area that you want to measure (you can cancel or add any point)
  • use the compass for correct direction
  • Find Area
  • Customize the measurement in your required unit.
  • You can show the area on the Screen.
  • Can save the measurement if you want.
  • You can see your saved measurement anytime.Area Calculator App


It has too many applications in our daily life some of them are given below.

  • Planning of housing societies.
  • Measuring the ground area.
  • Used by former’s for land Planning.
  • For land distribution.
  • Track measurement.
  • In sports.
  • In road Planning.
  •  Survey works.
  • Engineering fields.
  • Land artists.
  • etc.






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