Dandara Apk For Android v1.1.1 Free Download{Apk+ Data}


Dandara Apk For Android

Dandara Apk For Android

Dandara is a new game released on Feb 6, 2018, by Raw Furry and has 4.8 star rating out of 5 on play store. It’s an amazing game we hope you will love to play this game. The game is created for an Android operating system and its new version 1.1.1 is available on play store for $ 14.99, no worries if you cant afford to pay for the game. If you want to enjoy this game then follow this post, here we will provide you the free links to download Dandara Apk For Android for free.

The salt’s world hangs on the brink of the collapse. The isolated and oppressed citizens once keep the free spirit. But its not over at all. A ray of hope! A heroine has arisen whose name is Dandara for this aether of fear.

Welcome to the Metroidvania which is full of boundless exploration and mystical creations, a 2D platform. No effect of gravity when you jump across the wall, flours, and ceiling alike. Now discover the hidden secrets, mysteries and its diverse array of characters throughout the salt’s world, also empower Dandara for survival and combat against enemies who are bent on oppression. Awake Dandara to bring balance and freedom to this directionless world.


The game Dandara Apk For Android requires 7.0 or up version of an Android operating system.

Dandara Apk For Android

It requires 10 or up for iOS.


The game has the following incredible features

  • Unlimited exploration of the world
  • Excellent graphics
  • Transverse across esoteric salt’s world through fluid and fast jump of any surface
  • No hindrance of gravity during jumping
  • Beautiful, lovingly and environment all around
  • Can use both touchscreen and gamepad for movement and combat interact smoothly and interact seamlessly and smoothly
  • Auditory and visual wonderland comes through awesome handcraft pixel and real track-sound composition
  • Use the combination of skills and speed to solve different puzzles and earn money and unlock different areas which are previously unassailable

    Dandara Apk For Android

Download and installation:

In this section you can download the apk and the obb files of this game. To download apk file of Dandara v1.1.1 click here

To download Obb file of Dandara v1.1.1 click here


Download mirror apk file here

Download the mirror Obb file here


Step 1:

Download both Apk and Obb file of the game using above links.

Step 2:

Install apk file now and then extract the .zip extension file in the obb folder in SD card of your smartphone.

Step 3:

Open the game and enjoy.

Dandara Apk For Android

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