Diggy’s Adventure


Overview of Diggy’s Adventure:

Are you are a lover of puzzle games, then ready for our new game which really excites you. Yes, It’s the puzzle game, named as diggy’s adventure.diggy’s adventure is the most played adventured game, in which you can discover hidden treasures all over the world, uncovering great mysteries from the past along the way with the help of character Diggy, Professor, Linda, and Rusty. Most first-rate apps on google play save have score 8 from 10. Total critiques in google play save 344225. The total number of 5 big name critiques received 249985. Diggy’s Adventure has been rated as terrible with the aid of 10460 number of users. Estimated wide variety of downloads range between 10,000,000+ in google play.

Diggy's Adventure

How To Play Game:

Diggy’s Adventure is an adventured game in which you can lead an expedition made up of Diggy, Professor, Linda, and Rusty. By using these characters you can discover the hidden treasures and explore the ancient civilization. The game is really simple you just give instruction the character and they followed the path. There are obstacles in the path who’s the character break and make a path for them. These obstacles may be Doors, levers, rocks, traps … you’ll find tons of different elements to interact with. You can fill the wholes by using stones.


There are historic traps, equipped to take the community who dare to enter the dungeon. Giant rocks, poisonous snakes and poisonous spiders, or even a flamethrower, are all waiting with the intention to visit. However, the lure is the important thing that will help you get away the maze. You can use the stones to fill deep holes, create paths or to overwhelm useless snakes. The game has very state-of-the-art light-trapping systems, which means that you have to spare numerous grey area on the most scientifically-tuned layout, no longer to harm the shape of the entice. In Diggy’s Adventure, it all relies upon for your creativity.

Diggy's Adventure

Diggy’s Adventure has more than 500 levels which boost up your mind. Each level has specific which contains the difficulty and boost the skills as they level up. More you can find the treasures in a maze, but be careful to spend your energy in the right place. Because whenever you are going to find some treasures it spends your energy, So select the right place for finding the treasures. But don’t worry about the energy you can gain more energy by using gold and coins. So you must earn maximum coins for game promotion so that you can explore famous places like Egypt, China, Atlantics or Scandinavia.

Diggy's Adventure

Game Play Video:

Diggy’s Adventure Features:

The Diggy’s Adventure really excites their users we tell you in this section why they are a too liking game:

  • It is a really simple 2D game having no fancier but like an eye-catching for their user’s.
  • You can explore the old civilization in this game.
  • Diggy’s Adventure supports about 18 different languages which really increases their user’s.
  • Here are 1000+ riddles to solve from different civilizations.
  • More the 500 levels which really boost your mind skills.
  • You can explore four famous places like Egypt, China, Atlantics or Scandinavia.
  • puzzle game.
  • Up to 100 funny characters.

Download Link of Diggy’s Adventure:

You can download Diggy’s Adventure free of cost although it is free on play store here you can download Diggy’s Adventure apk file.


How To Install:

You can normally easily install all the game which are downloaded from the play store but when you download the file from other resources other than play store. Then they ask for allowing third-party permission for installation. Here are some steps you must follow for successful installation of Diggy’s Adventure.

  1. Download the file from our website www.todayztech.com.
  2. Now allow the unknown resources by following these: simply go to Settings -> Security and make sure Unknown Sources is checked. Sometimes you meet the problem of can’t downloading apps.Diggy's Adventure
  3. Now you open the file where it is located and install it.
  4. After installation of the game now you can enjoy the game.

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