Download GTA Liberty City Stories Android 2.2- GTA Liberty City Stories Apk and Obb


GTA Liberty City Stories Android Overview:

GTA Liberty City Stories Android is an adventure game and last updated on Jul 20, 2016, by Rockstar games. This is a very famous game series all around the world and thousands of people daily search for these games daily. GTA Liberty City Stories Apk and Obb are one of the Grand Theft Auto games. The game has 4.3-star rating out of 5 on play store and has very good gameplay. The game Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for Android is available on play store for USD 6.99, but here we will provide you with the free direct download links, features and a complete installation guide to install and enjoy the game.

GTA Liberty City Stories Android cover

About Game:

GTA Liberty City Stories Android is full of joy and adventure in which player has to explore the city and take the aircraft, vehicles, ships and motor-bikes. There are two control interfaces available one is an ordinary interface and other is driving interface. Player operates the vehicles, motorbikes, aircraft, ships and allowed to shoot on both sides in the driving interface but under normal situation, the player is not allowed to drive all these. Weather and environment change on a daily basis like thunderstorm, rain and night in the regular. That’s about the GTA Liberty City Stories Apk and Obb.

GTA Liberty City Stories Android gameplay

In this game, the combat system is a mission mechanism that allows you to fight in missions or to fight without tasks. Everyone has the same health value. When a bullet fired by a weapon shoots on an enemy, it deals damage to the enemy. The game has a combat mission, if these tasks start, that is, to determine the beginning of the fighting, if the attack on the corresponding enemy or to complete the corresponding target, that is, to determine the end of the fighting. The game’s lock settings make the game more mature with combat, shooting, combat skills and weapons.

The game’s combat system set reasonable, conventional combat such as gun battles, the use of bunkers to attack the enemy; the use of fists, baseball bats and other melee weapons to attack the enemy.

Vehicle combat has always been the main feature of this series of games, players can normally enter the vehicle, the protagonist in the vehicle, all attacks will be borne by the vehicle. The vehicle can move the enemy can not squeeze the ground to move. Characters in the vehicle can be freely fired on both sides, but can not close combat. In addition to some special vehicle comes with heavy machine guns, missiles, the other vehicles are not weapons; in addition to some of the system-bound vehicle warfare can use other weapons, vehicle warfare are submachine gun, get off the props column All the weapons in it. To win in the vehicle war to master the skills, hit the other vehicle’s tail to make it out of control; forced to stop in the corner of the other vehicles continue to impact their durability decreased, the last vehicle to win the vehicle war.

GTA Liberty City Stories Android Features:

GTA Liberty City Stories Apk and Obb have some excellent features. These are

  • Extensive graphics enhancement, a wonderful achievement
  • Real-time weather variation like lighting, rain, shadows
  • Cross-platform cloud save saves through the Rockstar social club
  • Physical controller support is provided
  • Rebalance touch control for smartphones
  • The game has high-resolution texture
  • The excellent and real environment
  • Hight resolution character art and texture
  • GTA Liberty City Stories Apk and Obb are 51MB/1.1GB files respectively
  • Enhance draw distance feature
  • Physical controller supported flexibility
  • Enhance draw distance
  • Fun and adventure gameplay to provide non-stop fun
  • Additional stability fixes are provided
  • 16 different outfits are available that player can change at anytime clothes
  • Non-transferable access to some of the features like downloadable, unlockable contents
  • GTA Liberty City Stories Android is compatible with all of the Android devices

Android Version:

It supports the following Android versions:

  • Marshmallow                  6.0.0-6.0.1
  • Jelly Bean                        4.1-4.3.1
  • Lollipop                           5.0- 5.1.1
  • Ice Cream Sandwich        4.0-4.0.4
  • KitKat                               4.4-4.4.4-4.4W.4-4.4W.2

GTA Liberty City Stories Android requirement:

The better are the system components, the better will be performance

  • 1GB RAM
  • 1GH processor
  • 1.5 GB Free space

 Download GTA Liberty City Stories Android:

Here you can download GTA Liberty City Stories Apk and Obb

                   Download Apk 2.2


               Download Apk 2.2 Mod

                  Download Obb 2.2


                Download Obb 2.2

Download ZArchiver here play store link(free)

Installation guide:

Here is the complete guide follow step by step to install and play the latest version of Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories for Android.

Step 1:

Download the apk and Obb file from above links.

Step 2:

Install the ZArchiver on your smartphone using above link for free. If you have already this software on your smartphone then skip this step.

Step 3:

Using ZArchiver extract the Obb file in the Obb folder on your smartphone.

Path: SD card>>Android>>data>>Obb

Step 4:

Install the Apk file and allow the unknown sources to make changes from the setting.

Step 5:

All done! Just open the game icon and enjoy.

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