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Game Overview:

If you are WWE lover and spend your most of time on tv to watch WWE matches like smack, raw and lots more events of WWE. So stay connected with us today I bring an amazing WWE game for you which contains all the features as the real WWE matches have. So here is WWE 2k19 is for you. After the success of WWE 2k18, the updated version of  WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod – 2018 is launched to entertain their user’s.  WWE 2k19 professional wrestling Simulation online game developed and published by collaboration amongst Yuke’s and Visual Concepts and published by a famous game corporation of 2K video games. Initially, it was launched for Microsoft, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and then later on it is launched for android.wwe 2k19 has more advanced features then WWE 2k18.

WWE 2k19

How to play WWE 2k19:

If you don’t have past experience with WWE games then it might be difficult for you to play this game, but don’t worry about that. I explained here each and every step that how to play WWE 2k19. So after the success full installation of the game (later I will tell you how to install the game), you opened the game you have entered the menu of the game after the appearance of game logo and sound. Now you can select two options either you want to play a single-player game or multiple player game.

WWE 2k19

After that now select the player that you like and also select your opponent from the bundle of players. Now select the type of game you want to play as you can choose between an exhibition match, money in the bank, Wrestle Mania, etc. Select the match type like a normal, ladder, elimination chamber, hell in a cell, cage, etc and click start. Now the game start and you can listen to the game official music and also official music of your player and see the entry of your player in the ring.


Now you control the players with the controls shown on the screen. Left controls are for moving the player in different directions. Right controls are for attacking and other moves. A combination of both unlocks a special move according to the situation.

You can create your own player, arena and match by using different game modes which is suitable for you. When you want to use submission flow on your opponent, pass for their limbs. You can deplete the opponent’s stamina as a great deal as you could on the first try to attempt another flow to lead them to post. Using a couple of submission actions is the pleasant approach if you need to get a win through submission. You can earn virtual money by wining 5 stars matches and entertaining the crowds by your moves and fight. In this way, you can earn more virtual money which you can use to buy items to help improve your player stats. You can win the matches automatically sometimes when your player is strong and you can make your player strong by earning more virtual money.

WWE 2k19

Gameplay Video:

Here in this video, you can see how you can use the controllers of WWE 2k19:

Game Features:

WWE 2k19 has gained more advanced features as compared to their old versions like WWE 2k18 and WWE 2k17. Now we discussed all these features which make this unique from the old version:

  • WWE 2k19 has the smooth controllers which make easy for the user to play this game.
  • It has amazing HD graphics and animation which feels the user’s that they watch real WWE match on tv.
  • In WWE 2k19, players will be able to enjoy backstage brawls and fighting in the crowds, it will be a lot more fun engaging in exciting backstage fights with your favourite superstars.
  • There are more than 200 superstars on the roster, including the most legendary players like John Cena, Randy Orton, Goldberg, Triple H, Undertaker and many more. So you choose any of them to represent you in a fighting match.
  • It hence also features the official theme song and that of the original entry songs music for each of the fighters. The controller or even the manager can utilize effects like Brawl moves & signature moves.
  • It allows the players to create their own superstars, entrances, arenas, and events.
  • The new feature is an online mode in which you can play with other online players. The online mode also involves backstage brawls which are quite amazing.
  • The crowd cheering device has been revamped and improved which permits genuine crowd reactions and chants. The animations and sound of crowd absolutely match and you get any gradual feel about it.

Game Requirements:

WWE 2k19 is not a simple game like others having low graphics it has HD graphics which can’t be run on low specifications mobiles. However, the mobile must have these specifications for running this game:

  • Required about 2 Gb free space because the mod apk and obj file has about 1.5 Gb size.
  • The mobile must have 2 Gb ram for efficient play.
  • All the mobiles having above the version 4 support this game.
  • More than 1.8 GHz process is required.
  • The game has online playing mode which needs fast internet for playing online.


WWE 2K19 Android Apk+Obb Mod links:

Here you can download the WWE 2K19 Mod Apk and Obb files of the game for free:

Step1: Download the WWE 2k19 apk file.

step 2: Now download the obb file from below:

Step 3: Download the data file from the below link:

How to install WWE 2k19 mod apk+obb:

As this game is not officially available on play store, so we install it by following these instructions:

  1. Download all the above files including apk, obb and data.
  2. Now you have all the files.
  3. Now install the apk file of WWE 2k19.
  4. Don’t launch the app directly but extract the obb file and move it to Android/OBB folder on the external storage. If the folder is not present, create it and then paste the files later.
  5. Now run the game and enjoy their amazing features.

Note: For queries and issues use the comment section below and provide your feedback as well.

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