Free Download Fallout Shelter Mods Apk 1.13.21 (Caps,Food,Water,Energy) + Data for android


 Game Overview:

Fallout Shelter Mods is free to play simulation game in which you search for the shelters to and protect themselves from the radioactive dangerous effects. It is a video game that is developed by the by Bethesda Softworks, with the assistance of Behaviour Interactive, and published by Bethesda Softworks. Which is part of the fallout series? Fallout Shelter Mods Apk 1.13.21 initially released for Ios devices in June 2015 and after 2 months it was released for Android devices in august 2015. And later on, it also released for Microsoft Windows,  Xbox one and also for PlayStation 4.Fallout Shelter Mods Apk 1.13.21 gain huge popularity in his limited duration as he win great awards including the Google Play Best of 2015, Mobile Game of the Year – 2016 DICE Awards, and Winner 2015 Golden Joystick Best Handheld/Mobile Game.

How To Play Game:

Fallout Shelter Mods Apk 1.13.21 is the simulation video game in which, gamers construct and control their very own Vault as an Overseer – the chief and coordinator in their Vault. Players manual and direct the citizens of the Vault, and want to keep them satisfied thru assembly their needs which include power, food, and water.

They rescue dwellers from the desolate tract and assign them to distinct useful resource-producing homes within the Vault, the usage of the SPECIAL facts system from the alternative Fallout video games. Each person’s SPECIAL profile impacts their capability to generate specific assets, and their facts can be elevated with the aid of schooling them in rooms dedicated to every state. The dwellers can degree up through the years, growing their health, and maybe given new items and weapons to assist with diverse responsibilities. The wide variety of dwellers may be extended by anticipating new dwellers from the barren region to reach or by way of pairing a male and a woman dweller in living quarters to produce babies.

Balancing sources which include food, water, and strength is a crucial component of the sport. Many distinct rooms may be constructed in the Vault, imparting distinct gadgets or stat bonuses. Players are not required to spend money if you want to boost up long-timers or techniques and instead of having the option to instantly complete obligations on the danger of catastrophic failures – inclusive of fires or “rad roach” infestations. Players are occasionally rewarded with lunchboxes that contain rewards, together with objects or resources, which can be bought one after the other thru microtransactions.

Game Play Video:

Fallout Shelter Mods Apk 1.13.21 Features:

  • High-resolution graphics.
  • You can use unlimited caps.
  • Unlimited food.
  • Unlimited water.
  • You can use free unlimited energy.
  • Unlimited Stimpacks.
  • Unlimited RedAways.
  • Acquire Unlimited Inventory Space.
  •  Instant Level Up on rush success.
  •  Instant Level Up on rush fail emergency event success.

Download Link:

After reading the amazing features of Fallout Shelter Mods Apk now you are excited how we can download this game. You can download both the apk and obb file from the below download link:

step 1: Download the apk file from the below link:

Step 2: Now download the obb file from the below link:

How To Install Fallout Shelter Mods Apk:

Once you download both apk+abb file now how to install those files. These are some steps you must follow for the successful installation:

  1. Download all the above files including apk, obb and data.
  2. Now you have all the files.
  3. Now install the apk file of fall out shelter.
  4. Don’t launch the app directly but extract the obb file and move it to Android/OBB folder on the external storage. If the folder is not present, create it and then paste the files later.
  5. Now run the game and enjoy their amazing features.

Fallout Shelter Mods Apk Requirements:

Fallout Shelter Mod Apk is not a simple game like others having low graphics it has HD graphics which can’t be run on low specifications mobiles. However, the mobile must have these specifications for running this game:

  • Required about  500 MB free space because the mod apk and obj file has about 300 mb size.
  • The mobile must have 2 Gb ram for efficient play.
  • All the mobiles having above the version 4 support this game.
  • The mobile has More than 1.8 GHz process is required.

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