How to allocate more ram to minecraft


Game Overview:

Minecraft is one of the most popular games for the present world of gamers, which is provided at pc, mac and even in android and ios. Minecraft was released in 2011 by Mojang. The game is among one of the games which people love to play all-time that’s why 91 million people are playing monthly. It seems the game will become more popular by the time and will gain the attention of a lot of gamers.

how to allocate more ram to minecraft






Minecraft runs smoothly on all the devices because it uses 1GB ram by default. The game will run smoothly without any lag if u have a pc with the high ram. There isn’t any lag on the game due to ram mostly but the game gets laggy if users have installed custom textures and mod.

In this article, we will tell you about how to allocate more ram to mine craft. It is recommended to follow the steps in the order as mentioned below;

How to Allocate More Ram To Minecraft:

Once it was a hard job to allocate more ram in Minecraft but Microsft made it easy for users by release version of 2.0.0. Now we can adjust ram in Minecraft launcher. Here’s how:

1. Before proceeding make sure that you have installed the latest version of Minecraft.

2. Check your computers total ram by clicking on the search bar in the windows toolbar and open ‘system information‘.

3. Scroll down to the ”available physical memory and find out the available memory.


4. Now all u have to do is simply open the Minecraft launcher by clicking on the Minecraft icon as displayed on your computer screen.

5. Now click on the ”launch option” button.

6. Before further proceeding is sure that the ”advanced setting ” button is turned on.

7. Now select the profile that you use with the game. if there is only a single profile then click on it.

8. Toggle on the JVM argument” switch in the list and then replace ”-Xmx1G” with” Xmx[the amount of ram that you want to allocate in gigabytes]” G.

TIP; A good number to allocate is the half of available memory.

9. Click on saving and exit the launcher.

That’s all u have to do the next time u will open Minecraft, it will use the specific amount of ram that u have allocated


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