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As iPhone is the world best phone manufacturing company. It was started in jan 2007 and its first phone was launched on jan 29, 2007 and this year iPhone complete its tenth year in the world market. Phone phones have their own special features and standard so iPhone upgrade the phone to maintain its standard in the market. Today we are going to tell about the                     iPhone 8 release date -Specs-Price.
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Release date:-
As iPhone release its smart  phones is in the month of Sep just before the Christmas festival to it is expected that iPhone 8 and 8 plus will also release on sep 4,2017 or Sep 11, 2017 but not confirm.
According to the some rumors it may released in the month of December
iPhone is the best cell phone so it has many good features in all the phones but iPhone 8 is introducing some new technology in the latest cell phone world. It includes
Advance security :-
iPhone 8 will have advance security system. It provides facial recognition system for the user.
The old Touch 1D may not be included in it or may be but inside the glass.
Flexible OLED:
The most important specs of iPhone 8 includes replacement of LCD by OLED. OLED is introduced to improve the display performance and high color contrast ratio and to make the colors close to the life. As OLED is flexible and it provides very small size and low power consumption of phone comparatively to LCD.
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Wireless charging:
iPhone 8 specs also expected to include the wireless charging system in the smart phone. Wireless system will be based on induction phenomenon and provides easy and efficient and cost effective method to the user.
Water resistant:
Previous model of iPhone is also water resistant but water resistant rating of iPhone 8 will be more then IP68. Rain and water splashes will not effect the phone.
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Display Screen:
iPhone 8 will have 5.0 inch(6.5inch thin) display screen while iPhone 8 plus have 5.8 inch 2K (6.8 inch thin) display screen but usable area is 5.15inch and curved 2.5 D display like as iPhone 7S. it is expected that iPhone 8 will have Glass body or steel body covered with glass.
Iphone 8 specs includes vertical rear dual lens camera(16GB) for optical stabilization and 4K video recording front camera will have 3D sensing capabilities which can be use to find the depth and location of object.
iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus specs also include very small and very efficient processor. iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus will have 10 mm A11 chip which is faster, time saving, accurate and efficient then the other chips. While their capacities are 32/64/128/256GB. Ram of iPhone 8 is 3GB while that of iPhone 8 plus is 4GB.  2500 mAh and 3200mAh batteries are installed in the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus respectively to increase the backup time for the cell phone.

Now from iPhone 8 release date -Specs-Price  , i am going to tell you about the prize of  smart phone so,

Prize ;
It is expected that ifone 8-ifone 8plus will be more expensive then the previous phone.
Its expected prize of ifone 8-ifone 8 plus is $999-$1009 for 256GB capacity and vary according to the capacity.
Available colours of ifone 8-ifone 8 plus:
ifone 8 and ifone 8 plus will be available in 6 different colours that are Black, Jet Black, White, Gold, Plane Gold and Red.

That’s all for the  iPhone 8 release date -Specs-Price

iPhone 8 release date -Specs-Price




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