Nostradamus Apk The Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse Android v1.0 2018


Nostradamus Apk

Nostradamus is a very new game on play store. Game is offered by Anuman and published on Feb 12, 2018. This is a puzzle game and you can polish your skills by playing this game. You can buy the Nostradamus game from play store by paying US$ 2.99 but here we provide you free download links to play the game. Use these link to download latest version of game and enjoy. The game is compatible with all of your Android smartphones.

Overview of the game:

The most famous prophet of Europe Michel de Nostradamus receives a letter from his old friend Gregory wrapped in the mystery and latter hi asks him to come to meet him as soon as possible. When he came Nostradamus finds a spell that cast over his friends home by evil spirits.

After implementing an alchemistic ritual to make the home free evil spell. Nostradamus knows how to deal and have some vision that for horseman will arrive and spread the famine, war, plagues and other catastrophes on the earth.

Nostradamus Apk starts a desperate war against evil and wishing to do everything to avoid this apocalyptic prophecy from coming true. Nostradamus pay full concentration and use his mind to seek and find different clues that help him to disclose the aim and secret of that four horseman enigma.


Nostradamus Apk requires 4.1 and up the Android operating system to install and play the game.


The main and important feature of the game is the following

  • To Lead the Quest Nostradamus solve different puzzle and ridless to know how those horsemen arrive
  • Player has to move around the France and protect the villages from catastrophe  to create his own Prophecy
  • Reachable and Integrated help
  • Hard, Easy and Moderate, three different difficulty modes are available
  • Amazing graphics
  • Various MINI games that continuously increase in difficulty level
  • Explore the environment using full 3D HD in an amazing way
  • There is an animated and dynamic hidden object sequence in the game
  • Oppose the four horseman plan by fighting them in war with dynamic object series

Download and Installation:

You can download the Nostradamus Apk 1.0 here 11 MB Old version of game here 2.3 MB

Download data file here (.Zip file) 516MB

Buy From play store here

Download ZArchiver here(FREE)


Follow the following steps to completely install the Nostradamus Apk in your smart phone

Step 1:

Download Apk and Data file using above links.

Steps 2:

Install the apk file in your smart phone and Extract the Data(.zip file) in Obb folder of your SD card using Zarchiver. If you don not Zarchiver in your smart phone then you can download it from above link for free.

Step 3:

Open the game and enjoy.

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