Shazam Encore Apk Android Free Download


Shazam Encore Apk Android

Shazam encore is one of the most popular and used app all around the world. Monthly about 100 million people use this app for different purpose including

  • To get song lyrics
  • To identify music
  • To discover music by artist
  • To access to video clip, Song lyrics, streaming and related songs by Single tap
Shazam Encore Apk Android

Shazam Encore is available on play for $ 2.99 but you can download it here for free. Follow for the further information and free download.


Compatible to Android, iPhone, iPad

Languages available:

  1. English                   9.  Spanish
  2. French,                 10.  Traditional chines
  3. German,               11.  Simplified Chines,
  4. Italian,                  12.  Polish
  5. Slovak,                  13.  Russian
  6. Turkish                  14.  Portuguese
  7. Czech                    15.   Japanese
  8. Dutch
Shazam Encore Apk Android


  • MIPS devices are not supported to Shazam
  • Google Play music store is necessary for buying or previewing music in your country.

Popular Features:

  • Preview tracks and add them to spotify playlist or Apple Music
  • Music lyrics and YouTube videos are available
  • Artist based Launch Pandora radio
  • Stay in contact with Shazam real time chart
  • Discover music, cast and the special offers by watching Shazam TV shows
  • You can find popular music in your area, country or world
  • Check out for the recommended songs for latest music
  • Quick links to Amazon and google play stores
Shazam Encore Apk Android

Connect and Share:

  • Can see your friends Shazaming when you link your Facebook account
  • Can share your discoveries on social media using Twitter, Google +, Facebook, whatsapp.

Shazam on SmartWatch:

  • Launch Shazam on your wrist watch to name it
  • Hand off on Apple watch to buy the songs on iTunes, watch videos and much more
  • Can see your previous Shazam

Visual Features:

You can buy ticket of concert to see your favorite artist

Visual recognition can be used for reading QR code

Tap camera icon for Shazam poster, magazine and books


You can download the Shazam Encore Apk Android here

Shazam Encore Apk Android


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