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WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod (WWE 2k18 Apk):

WWE is game series. One of the famous game of this series is the WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod, which is a good game and very popular nowadays.  It was released by 2K sports franchise all around the world. WWE 2K18 is a wrestling game and based on the WWE fights and rules. The game supports all gaming consoles like  XBOX 360 and plays station.

People love to play this game on the Android platform because it is quite comfortable and friendly. Follow us to enjoy the game and get its full detail. This game is not officially released until now but we provide you with the WWE 2K18 Mod version that includes the majority of the original upcoming WWE 2K18 Android Apk (WWE 2k18 Apk) game, so you can enjoy the game in advance for free.

WWE 2k18 Apk is the latest version of WWE games but it is paid, here you can download this game for free using direct links. There are some other games are there in the market like WWE 2K and NBA 2K18 but WWE 2K18 Android Mod is best of all the games by 2K sports. You can enjoy the full wrestling game on your smartphone and it just like you are playing yourself in the game. Extra and advanced features are provided for the player to make an incredible win at the end.

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Similar to its predecessors, WWE 2K18 is a professional wrestling game and for the first time since WWF SmackDown! Just Bring It, eight wrestlers are able to be in a match at once, instead of six (the Nintendo Switch version only supports six wrestlers in the ring). The Royal Rumble match has been retooled, with new mechanics, finishers and elimination sequences. A carry system was introduced (which is similar to the Ultimate Control Grapple system introduced in WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2007), allowing players to pick up or drag their opponent and place them in a specific spot thousands of new moves and animations have been added to the game.

WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod



Features of WWE 2K18:

WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod includes the following features. These features are

  • All the popular character like the Big show, John Cena, Daniel Bryan, Undertaker, The Rock, Batista, etc
  • All real action of WWE
  • The entrance of players just like Original WWE
  • Live multiplayer matches(Online group matches)
  • You can create your own customized wrestling star
  • The original soundtrack of WWE so you can enjoy the full environment of WWE
  • Excellent stunning HD graphics to improve the visual display of the game
  • Obb and Apk files of WWE 2k18 Mod are available for free
  • More than 150 new characters are added
  • WWE 2k198 Apk have in-game update option allows to new wrestlers in your game
  • New styles of fighting of players are added
  • You select the player of your own choice, you can customize according to your choice
  • High-resolution display
  • Career mode allows unlocking unique surprise box, where you are able to unlock your favorite superstar of WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod
  • Good control over the game, you can do exactly what you want to do

Extra features in WWE 2k18 Apk:

To play a game does not matters, but to play a game using short tricks and inbuilt features have its own level. Here are some tips and extra features that you can follow while playing WWE 2k18 Apk.

  • There are hidden easter eggs, smash items and many more thing in the ring that you can collect while standing inside the ring
  • You can also hit the referee just like original WWE game
  • Each of the players has its own skills and abilities
  • It provides Brawl move using which you can attack your opponent at the start of the game
  • WWE 2k18 Apk+obb provides you the rival move when you taunt your opponent in both stable and standard way and many more

WWE 2k18 Mod Apk Features:

The mod version of WWE 2k18 Apk all the features of original WWE 2k18 game but also all the player, levels, and unlimited life features. Most people like to play the Mod version at the beginning of the game to understand the rules and techniques of the game.

WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod links: 

Here you can download the WWE 2K18 Mod Apk and Obb files of the game for free

 FREE Download Apk

Download Obb

Download ZArchiver here for free

WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod -WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod – WWE 2K18 Mod – WWE 2k18 apk


ZArchiver( If you don’t have then can download it, the link is given above).

Installation guide:

Follow the installation guide instructions in the sequence for the successful installation of WWE 2K18 Mod – WWE 2k18 Apk and Obb on your smartphone.

Step 1:

Open ZArchiver and scroll down for zip file wwe_2k18.rar. just click on it. Then click on Extract here.

Step 2:

Then it will need password put WWE2K18 BY AK.  All the letters are capital and are case-sensitive so be careful and then press ok. A file will start to extract, wait until it’s complete.

Step 3:

Then a new app will appear in the ZArchiver named  WWE 2K18_3D Mod by A K with .apk extension. Right click on it and select Open and a new window will open press on install. Then you can open it and enjoy it for free.

WWE 2K18 Android Apk+Obb Mod

Installation summary:

ZArchiver>>wwe_2k18.rar>>Extract>>enter password ( WWE2K18 BY AK)>>ok

ZArchiver>>right-click on WWE 2K18_3D Mod by A K.apk >>open>>install>>open.

Note: For queries and issues use the comment section below and provide your feedback as well.

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